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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope everyone had a fantastic night ringing in the new year! We had so much fun! Well in honor of the new year I thought Id make a NEW look to the blog. I hope you like it! I hope to make these colors my theme for my new scrap "area" in the new house. I will not have an actual room or loft as of right now so the area that I will be using is in a main part of the house so I want to make it user friendly for everyone :]
Anyway, guess what I got done?!?!?!!?
I finished my scrapbook!! for 2009................ Haha! but still Its done! and now I can move on to this 2010! So here is the last page of it!!
Well now that it is finished I wanted to be able to put it out for friends and family to see. The problem was my scrapbook is HUGE! I think I put 2 extensions in it!! So it would not close all the way. The front cover was always popping up sooo I decided to use my handy dandy crop a dile!

Punched holes in front and back cover, added ribbon and ta da...

Problem solved :] I love using my tools for other things besides paper crafting! I used it once to put an extra eyelet on a belt too!!

Alrighty well I would really love to get a head start on some Vday cards so I may do that tomorrow as well as a video! I also think I may do some shopping at Michaels with my gift card :] Martha Stewart score board or I rock??? Let me know your thoughts :]


  1. Very cute layout thanks for sharing!!!

  2. love the black and white design on your blog.wow you sure did alot of scrapbooking this year.i will try to develop my pics i took this year and the year before.yummy cookies.cute layout.i have a martha stewart board and i usually use it for my envelops.what ever you decide to buy keep us posted.

  3. Love the black and white damask...love any damask! Cute layout! WOW, what a large book for the year, that is amazing. If you don't have a scoreboard, I would get that first but, somehow I am thinking you do. I got it for my little sis for Christmas with the 50% off Martha coupon. NICE. Enjoy your shopping!

  4. Hey Ash, I love the new blog!!! Great job! I didn't know that you were moving. Good luck on the video!! Karen