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Saturday, January 22, 2011


Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't been able to get on much! Moving is crraazzzyyy and I haven't had the internet :[ Still no internet at the house but Im at a friends right now and thought Id get on really quick :]
Anyway.. thanks so much for all your patience! Its killing me not to be able to craft but we are all moved in just need to unpack and organize :]
Also, my bloggy friend Karen noticed I have a new blog. (Thanks Karen!) I am starting a new blog called Chunky Girl :] Even though Karen says I am not a chunky girl (thanks karen :]) I have had my fair share of struggling with weight loss and eating healthy! So this blog is going to be a no holds bar of my journey to becoming healthy! There will be several things including recipes, pictures and just the way Im feeling in general. I hope this can be a way to keep me motivated and hopefully be able to inspire others! I will have weekly goals and intent to post all trials and tribulations I am going through. I will continue to do my crafty blog (OF COURSE!) and will be having some fun stuff coming up! But if you would like to join my other blog I would be so honored! you guys are so awesome and I appreciate all the nice comments and you inspire me!
Well thanks for checkin in, it will be a bit longer until I am up and running so I sooooo sooo sooo appreciate your patience!
Have a fantastic night!!
off to unpack some more :]


  1. Check out my last post; I awarded you with a stylish blogger award:)


  2. will be checking your other blog.good luck with the moving.i would help you unpack but to many miles away sorry maybe next time.thats my goal this year to eat healthy.i was fastin just a couple of weeks ago for a deep cleansing and i think that helped me out to start eating healthy foods.

  3. Glad everything is going smoothloy with the move, looking forward to seeing you return!

  4. I hope your get everything situated soon:) I'm also looking forward to your return!

  5. O.K. I have had enough, get unpacked already!! I miss ya!! It has been awhile, I have a blinkie!! I know cool ha. I have to thank patti one of my bloggers, she made it for me!! I am so excited, you would think I won the lottery!! Well come back soon!! Karen<3