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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Just in time for 2011!

I'm baaacccckkk. Well, I'm going to try my hardest to post more! Everything is just so crazy and on top of it I'm sick! Bleh!
Well anyway I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday and I hope santa brought you lots of crafty things :] I must have been really good to get my imagine :] I have had a chance to play with it a little bit and it is AWESOME! BUT I do kind of feel like I am abandoning my pink cricut LOL! weird huh?! Well here is a pic of her...

She is HUGE!!! I really wasn't expecting her to be that big! O yea and on top of her is my new zhu zhu pet stinker.. he looks exactly like our dog who's name is stink :] I am officially obsessed with Zhu Zhu pets

So my boyfriend spilled the beans about where he got the imagine and he got her off of HSN soo it came with two extra cartridges! Woo Hoo! Here they are

So here are some cards I made today. It was so quick to make them and I know I am just gonna love her when I make a cut with several layers! O and I also purchased some Bazzill white cardstock so I am excited to use that!

So simple and only using white paper! Love that!!! Next I need to play around with my new video camera! Thanks for stopping by!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas Eve!

Hope everyone is having a great one! My boyfriend and I exchanged gifts tonight since we will be busy with family tomorrow and look what I got......

Sorry for the quality it was taken with my phone which has no flash
I'm so excited to play!!!!

Well just wanted to share! Hope everyone has a fantastic Christmas and enjoy the time with you family and friends! Life sometimes gets the best of us and sometimes we just need to slow down and appreciate the smaller things in life. I'm so grateful to have a wonderful family, an amazing boyfriend and great friends! I'm also so grateful for all of you! So although the holidays can be stressful please take a moment to relax and enjoy life :]

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Hey everyone! I feel like Ive been a very bad blogger lately :[ I havent been able to get in my scraproom much! So much stuff goin on! It always seems that way around the holidays doesnt it?! Its been rainy in Las Vegas for the last 3 days so thats been different! Anyway,,,, I cant believe Christmas is only 4 days away!!!! Hope everyone has at least some Christmas shopping done :] 
So since I havent done much in the scraproom thought Id share some old projects! Hopefully I can inspire some of you! They are all super simple!

WARNING: picture heavy :]

Hopefully I can get in my scraproom soon!
Thanks for visiting!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hey all!

Hope you are enjoying your Saturday! Mine has been jam packed. Between finishing cakes, delivering cakes, having to run to Michaels right when they open for something I needed, finishing wrapping gifts, going to the bank and getting to the post office to send gifts right before they closed! Its been a very crazy day! Anyway, I wanted to share my projects with you that I told you about.
Well first I decided late Thursday night I wanted to make my instructors from my training class and little gift just to say thanks for all of their patience and help! They were so awesome!

The box was made using TBBM and the tree was made using different sized triangles, a hole puncher and a ric-rak cut from plantin. I think they came out super cute and they loved them!!

Next I had a strawberry shortcake cake..

I really liked how this came out but I wish I would have been able to find a strawberry shortcake candle for the top. (one of the things I went to Michaels and Party City for first thing in the AM :[ )

annnnd here is the minnie mouse inspired cake :]

Hope you enjoyed! Hopefully Ill be able to get some layouts done tomorrow!

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Its my lucky month! :]

Good evening everyone!
I started my training for my new job today and it was fun/exciting/scary all in one! Its a lot to take in but I know I can do it!!
Besides that I was a winner for Emmas throwback thursday!! How exciting is that?! So I will be receiving a new peachy keen stamp soon! I cant wait to play with it! Thank you so much Emma! and thanks for everyone else for all the support you guys are awesome!!!

I have a few projects going on this week...

#1. A minnie mouse cake
#2. A strawberry shortcake cake
#3. 12 days of Xmas karen foster gift set!

Nothin to show on the cakes yet but here is some pictures of the gift set.

All it needs is the tag! Here are some close ups

I heart my cheetah print sleigh :]
 Here is the inside so far...

Haven't done much to that so stay tuned :]

Thanks for stoppin by!

Monday, December 13, 2010

On the 12th day of Christmas..

My bloggy friend gave to me....
Another stylish blogger award! :]
I am so grateful for all of you who follow my blog and leave me such nice comments! It can sometimes be scary to put your creations out there and when others like them and leave such sweet comments its so awesome :]
The wonderful Norma at Pink Bling Crafter nominated me for a stylish blogger award. I'm scrap struck.. shes pretty much a scrap-lebrity in my book and has such amazing projects! So thank you Norma!! I appreciate it so very much!
So to accept the award there are some rules.
#1: thank and link back to the person who awarded it to me.. (see above :])
#2: share 8 things about yourself
#3: pay it forward to 8 bloggers
#4: contact them to let them know!

So here are 8 things about myself,

1. I am 100% Taurus. Stubborn and all :]
2. I have recently found a love for jeggings. (jeans and leggings put together.. they are awesome!)
3. I just got a job as a cake decorator!
4. I own a snake. Her name is Frankenstein :]
5. I am weirdly sorta obsessed with Frankenstein.. the monster not the snake..see above
6. I hate to drive
7. I love wrapping presents :]
8. I'm scared of revolving doors..

and here are 8 bloggers your should visit!

Besides that I started a project that I have had since January...

My BFFs mom works for a company who does trade shows and stuff..Well one of her clients is Karen Foster so she gets evvvvveeeeerrryyyyythhhhiiinnng from them! Lucky her huh?! Anyway she had given this to me at the beginning of this year after CHA and it was just sitting in my scrapbook room so I thought make me a 12 days of Xmas! Hopefully I can finish before xmas :]

Well thanks for stoppin by!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Happy Sunday!

Good Evening everyone! Hope you are all enjoying your Sunday! Ive got a couple projects I wanted to share with ya! My friend requested a tattoo/punk theme cake kinda short notice so here is what I came up with!

All of the different cuts were cut with the cricut cake! Love that thing! If you would like to see my previous cakes add my facebook page!

I'm also really tryin hard to finish up my scrapbook layouts from last year! And I'm almost done! So here is a LO I did today!

Thanks for stopping by :]
I do appreciate all of you following my blog!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I was in a top five!

IM SOO EXCITED! IM SO EXCITED I HAD MY BOYFRIEND LOOK AND MADE HIM EXCITED! lol Ive just recently stared entering in to challenges so to win a top five is so awesome for me! Anyway I was in top five at Fantabulous Cricut! So awesome! So now I get a little blinkie guy :] They are having a challenge for this week. It is create a handmade gift or gift packaging so I am def going to join in on this challenge and you should too!
Anyway, I have not been able to get in my scraproom much due to searching for a job, taking care of doggie, taking care of new house stuff and yanno everything else :] Here is a cute card I made recently!

and here is a LO

Thanks for visiting! I have some fun projects I will be doing in the near future :]

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Happy Sunday

Its 10pm here in Vegas and just wanted to do a little status update. I started my Christmas cards tonight and hopefully I will have some time tomorrow and finish em up. I want to get them out soon! Usually I send em out a week before and everyone gets them right before the holiday, it would be nice if they got there early :]
Anywaaayy, so we've have a crazy weekend! Thursday night we noticed one of our dogs was having some issues with his right eye. He is a pug so his eyes are already kinda buggy and he has had issues with it before but has pretty much always been blind in that eye. We took him to the vet Friday night and she advised us he had a ulcer in his eye and referred us to a doggie optomologist. Went to the optomologist Saturday and he gave us a bunch of meds and drops to give him every 4 hours. We were up all night long given him the drops and had to wait 5 mins between each one so it took about 45 mins each time. Sunday his eye was lookin better and then at about 2pm we were giving him his drops and all of the sudden something popped and he started crying. The optomologist advised us that it is possible his ulcer could burst and that is basically what happened. We rushed him to the vet and the only option was to remove the eye :[ So our poor pup had to stay over night and we get to pick him back up tomorrow. We miss him lots and cant wait to get him tomorrow! We don't have children yet so these are our kids. Here is a pic of him!

Friday, December 3, 2010

and the winner is....

I did a pick from Random.org BUT I have no idea how to post the actual widget on here showing the number soo ya'll will just have to trust me :]

Winner of the My Mind's Eye xmas pack is...

Angie at My Paper Productions! Congrats Angie! I will contact you to get your info!

Besides that I made a Xmas card today and it turned out really cute!

I love them! Pretty sure these are gonna be my xmas cards!
Thanks for stoppin by!