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Monday, January 31, 2011

Moster Valentine :]

Hi everyone! Sorry! I know that I said I would post yesterday but I got so wrapped up in hanging shelves and organizing :] It is coming together very well!
Anyway, Ive had this card in my head for a while. Ive seen a couple monster valentines day cards and think they are super cute!

All solid paper printed with my I and pattern is from K&co.

Tomorrow I will be decorating a composition notebook for my food log :]
I also want to try and get in some challenges this week!

Well thank you for stopping by!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Im back!

Kinda! Ive pretty much got the majority of the scraproom set up but I still need to do some more organizing and hanging shelves but just wanted to share with you a rough version of my scraproom :]

I guess I kinda had to downsize a little but Im ok with that :]
We have a very large room when you first walk in our house so we decided to make that the scraproom/game room. Since we have two roomates right now we do not have an extra room for my scrapbooking so we negotiated on this. I am totally ok with this! I love our new house and my scrap area is very spacious! So lots of room for friends :]
But the good news is I will be scrappin tomorrow! So I am officially back!
Thanks for all your sweet words and checkin in on me!
And thank you Karen! You are so awesome :]
See you guys tomorrow! have a fantastic night!

Saturday, January 22, 2011


Hi everyone! Sorry I haven't been able to get on much! Moving is crraazzzyyy and I haven't had the internet :[ Still no internet at the house but Im at a friends right now and thought Id get on really quick :]
Anyway.. thanks so much for all your patience! Its killing me not to be able to craft but we are all moved in just need to unpack and organize :]
Also, my bloggy friend Karen noticed I have a new blog. (Thanks Karen!) I am starting a new blog called Chunky Girl :] Even though Karen says I am not a chunky girl (thanks karen :]) I have had my fair share of struggling with weight loss and eating healthy! So this blog is going to be a no holds bar of my journey to becoming healthy! There will be several things including recipes, pictures and just the way Im feeling in general. I hope this can be a way to keep me motivated and hopefully be able to inspire others! I will have weekly goals and intent to post all trials and tribulations I am going through. I will continue to do my crafty blog (OF COURSE!) and will be having some fun stuff coming up! But if you would like to join my other blog I would be so honored! you guys are so awesome and I appreciate all the nice comments and you inspire me!
Well thanks for checkin in, it will be a bit longer until I am up and running so I sooooo sooo sooo appreciate your patience!
Have a fantastic night!!
off to unpack some more :]

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Some more LO's

Hi everyone!
Still no work in the craft room :[ I have all these ideas and cant make them because one thing is packed up.. I shoulda had my craft room packed last dangit! Well that just means the scrapbook stuff will be unpacked first :]
Well here are some older LO's! Enjoy!
My fav LO :]

Have a fantastic night!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Hiiii! Old LO's!

Hi everyone! Just wanted to give an update on whats goin on! I'm going to try and make something tomorrow but all my scrapbook stuff is packed up :[ We were suppose to move this weekend but the utilities will not be turned on until mid next week so looks like I'll be waiting a little bit. I did however leave out my I and some paper but no stamps :[ Sooo.. while I am waiting Ill share some old scrapbook LO's till I get a chance to make something :]

2009 New Years page

My doggie taking over the bed :]

O yea sorry I was too lazy to take them outta the page protector LOL!

Thanks for stoppin by!!


Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Terrific Tuesday Challenge

Good evening everyone! I have some exciting news! My boyfriend and I closed on our new house today and got our keys! YAAAAAAYYYY!! So we will be moving in the next week or so.... We are very excited and I am excited for a new craft space.
Anyway, I wanted to join in on Scrappy Moms Terrific Tuesday challenge. I loovvvee their stamps and need some more! Well the challenge was to create something from the cartridge Birthday Bash. This has to be my favorite cartridge right now so I was very excited about it! Well here is my entry,
All solid color paper was printed off of my Imagine using papertrey ink and stampin up RGB codes! Isn't that awesome?!?!
I really love how it turned out!!

Besides that I found some really cute file holders today at Target for 1.00. I thought they would be big enough to hold my 12x12 stacks but they were not :[
I did however find a good use for them!

Love em!!
Thanks for visiting!!

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Sunday Funday!

That's what I always say :] Even though I have to work later today but now that I actually like my work I'm excited to go! Anyway, I woke up pretty early this morning and spent some time in the scrapbook room. Yesterday I bought a K&Company valentines day pack at Michaels along with the I rock and I wanted to make a project with it. Here is a card I made with my Gypsy and the Imagine. I really think it would be awesome if you were able to flood fill images on the gypsy when using the imagine.. Don't know if it would be possible but I'm keeping my fingers crossed :]
I do like how it turned out though!

I also wanted to get a little organized so I went through my camera and wrote down all the dates and occasions of scrapbook pages I want to do! Im excited for this because I know it will help me keep track of pictures without having to look back through all the pictures in my camera..

Its a little messy but I was doing it pretty quick :]

And here is my first scrapbook page for my 2010 album..

Really simple and no cuts from the cricut!! GASP! haha

Well thanks for visiting! <3

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Valentines stuff!

Hi everyone! Hope your Saturday is going great! I just wanted to share some projects with ya!
First is a purse I made with the I using the best friends cartridge. So easy! Have I mentioned I LOOVVEE my I??? :] Well I thought I would enter it in Emmas challenge for throwback thursday! The challenge was to use any cartridge but include a heart. Here is my entry!

I also decorated a recipe box for Vday!

O yea also please visit my friend Karen.. She is having two really great blog candy giveaways when she reaches 100 followers! She is almost there and she is a really talented lady so please follow her blog!
Thanks for stoppin by!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I looovvee my I

I see myself going through mannny ink cartridges! But it is just so eaasssy!! No searching for scraps of colors and switching mats out just put in what ya want and pick a color! easy peasy!
Well here are some cards I made today. All the cuts were made using white paper in the imagine. I received my Bazzill card stock in the mail and that stuff is awesome! Ive heard some people complain that thicker card stock did not stick on their mat but I haven't had any issues so far. I love the new mat. The adhesive is more like a vinyl stick and even works great on thinner paper. I use to have problems with really thin paper sticking too much to the old mat and would rip. Anyway, here are the cards!

I was having a bit of scrappers block today so if you would like to see something in particular please let me know and I will try my best!
I was also thinking of maybe doing some sort of series of a specific cartridge. Maybe all the different cuts or trying to make projects with different cuts. Let me know what you think! I really do appreciate everyones opinion!
Thanks for visiting!

Monday, January 3, 2011

2nd post of the day!

Good evening everyone! This is my 2nd post of the day! Please visit the earlier one to check out my videos!! :]
Well I wanted to join in on the Fantabulous Cricut challenge me monday. The challenge was to create something incorporating snow or snowflakes so here is my card...

and speaking of snow....
Las Vegas got snow this morning!! Crazy huh?! The last time it snowed was about two years ago. It was so pretty :]

Makes me smile :]

Have a good night!


Hi Everyone!! So Ive been packing up our house and before I packed up the scrapbook room I thought Id make a quick video. Sorry if it makes you sick Ill get better :] I think it may be a while before I make a video for a project cause my camera doesn't have a port for a tri pod.. So we shall see.. I still may get my brothers flip cam rather than the camera I have. Anyway so here it is...

Warning: These are my first videos and may be subjected to bumpiness and blurriness :]
Also I'm still kind of sick so my voice is a little weird! LOL!
O yea and sorry for the dark areas.. Ill have to work on that :]
And I also had a mini haul so here that is!!

Thanks for stoppin by!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!

I hope everyone had a fantastic night ringing in the new year! We had so much fun! Well in honor of the new year I thought Id make a NEW look to the blog. I hope you like it! I hope to make these colors my theme for my new scrap "area" in the new house. I will not have an actual room or loft as of right now so the area that I will be using is in a main part of the house so I want to make it user friendly for everyone :]
Anyway, guess what I got done?!?!?!!?
I finished my scrapbook!! for 2009................ Haha! but still Its done! and now I can move on to this 2010! So here is the last page of it!!
Well now that it is finished I wanted to be able to put it out for friends and family to see. The problem was my scrapbook is HUGE! I think I put 2 extensions in it!! So it would not close all the way. The front cover was always popping up sooo I decided to use my handy dandy crop a dile!

Punched holes in front and back cover, added ribbon and ta da...

Problem solved :] I love using my tools for other things besides paper crafting! I used it once to put an extra eyelet on a belt too!!

Alrighty well I would really love to get a head start on some Vday cards so I may do that tomorrow as well as a video! I also think I may do some shopping at Michaels with my gift card :] Martha Stewart score board or I rock??? Let me know your thoughts :]