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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Im back!

Kinda! Ive pretty much got the majority of the scraproom set up but I still need to do some more organizing and hanging shelves but just wanted to share with you a rough version of my scraproom :]

I guess I kinda had to downsize a little but Im ok with that :]
We have a very large room when you first walk in our house so we decided to make that the scraproom/game room. Since we have two roomates right now we do not have an extra room for my scrapbooking so we negotiated on this. I am totally ok with this! I love our new house and my scrap area is very spacious! So lots of room for friends :]
But the good news is I will be scrappin tomorrow! So I am officially back!
Thanks for all your sweet words and checkin in on me!
And thank you Karen! You are so awesome :]
See you guys tomorrow! have a fantastic night!


  1. yeah we missed you.hope to see some of your creations soon.hope you are enjoying your new home.

  2. Can't wait to see your first creation in your new room!

  3. Welcome back! Love your new sanctuary.

  4. I am Soooooooo excited. I've missed you!! I can't wait to see your room all together! I am going to have a Challenge to celebrate!! It is going to be the Ashley is back Challenge!!!! I will be back tomorrow, and you get to choose the candy that will be for the challenge!! Welcome Back Ash!! Karen<3