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Monday, January 3, 2011


Hi Everyone!! So Ive been packing up our house and before I packed up the scrapbook room I thought Id make a quick video. Sorry if it makes you sick Ill get better :] I think it may be a while before I make a video for a project cause my camera doesn't have a port for a tri pod.. So we shall see.. I still may get my brothers flip cam rather than the camera I have. Anyway so here it is...

Warning: These are my first videos and may be subjected to bumpiness and blurriness :]
Also I'm still kind of sick so my voice is a little weird! LOL!
O yea and sorry for the dark areas.. Ill have to work on that :]
And I also had a mini haul so here that is!!

Thanks for stoppin by!!

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  1. wow love the zebra pattern decorations in your craft room.really big area.hope to see your new area soon.love your goodies.have fun with all of those carts and the ms scoring board.hope to see soon some projects with the wrap it up.it was good for your first time videos but if you can talk louder would be great.im always having problems hearing people with my age being just 23 soon turing 24.im getting old i just hope i dont loose my hearing soon.