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Sunday, December 5, 2010

Happy Sunday

Its 10pm here in Vegas and just wanted to do a little status update. I started my Christmas cards tonight and hopefully I will have some time tomorrow and finish em up. I want to get them out soon! Usually I send em out a week before and everyone gets them right before the holiday, it would be nice if they got there early :]
Anywaaayy, so we've have a crazy weekend! Thursday night we noticed one of our dogs was having some issues with his right eye. He is a pug so his eyes are already kinda buggy and he has had issues with it before but has pretty much always been blind in that eye. We took him to the vet Friday night and she advised us he had a ulcer in his eye and referred us to a doggie optomologist. Went to the optomologist Saturday and he gave us a bunch of meds and drops to give him every 4 hours. We were up all night long given him the drops and had to wait 5 mins between each one so it took about 45 mins each time. Sunday his eye was lookin better and then at about 2pm we were giving him his drops and all of the sudden something popped and he started crying. The optomologist advised us that it is possible his ulcer could burst and that is basically what happened. We rushed him to the vet and the only option was to remove the eye :[ So our poor pup had to stay over night and we get to pick him back up tomorrow. We miss him lots and cant wait to get him tomorrow! We don't have children yet so these are our kids. Here is a pic of him!

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  1. so sorry about your doggy.after a while they do feel like family and it is hard to see them suffer things like that.hope he feels better soon after so many meds.