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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Just in time for 2011!

I'm baaacccckkk. Well, I'm going to try my hardest to post more! Everything is just so crazy and on top of it I'm sick! Bleh!
Well anyway I hope everyone had a fantastic holiday and I hope santa brought you lots of crafty things :] I must have been really good to get my imagine :] I have had a chance to play with it a little bit and it is AWESOME! BUT I do kind of feel like I am abandoning my pink cricut LOL! weird huh?! Well here is a pic of her...

She is HUGE!!! I really wasn't expecting her to be that big! O yea and on top of her is my new zhu zhu pet stinker.. he looks exactly like our dog who's name is stink :] I am officially obsessed with Zhu Zhu pets

So my boyfriend spilled the beans about where he got the imagine and he got her off of HSN soo it came with two extra cartridges! Woo Hoo! Here they are

So here are some cards I made today. It was so quick to make them and I know I am just gonna love her when I make a cut with several layers! O and I also purchased some Bazzill white cardstock so I am excited to use that!

So simple and only using white paper! Love that!!! Next I need to play around with my new video camera! Thanks for stopping by!


  1. Congrats girl, on your new IMAGINE!!! Woot Woot!!! The cards are beautiful!!! Oh darn I've been trying to convince myself that i don't need it and you are not helping LOL!!!!! Did you print the pattern paper on the cards?Take care girl and Happy New Year!!!!

  2. Great Job Ash!! I have to give the boyfriend his due, going to HSN was the best place to buy it, cause the price, and you got the 3 carts. He paid attention, and you taught him well!! I am so proud of you!! Happy New Year!

  3. Thanks norma! LOL yes this thing is AMAZING! The only one that was all printed from the I was the top brown polka dot all the others were!
    Karen, lol yes Im so thankful he puts up with my crafting addiction, hes def a keeper :]

  4. Hey Ash, I did it, I made the video of my "before" craftroom. Now the pressure is on to get to the "After" video!! lol Check it out when you get a chance! Thanks, Karen

  5. Love that first bird card, great job. Enjoy your Imagine! Happy New Year!

  6. i so love the pink bird card.really cute cards.hope to see alot of your projects and cards thru out the year.have a happy new years and everything that you wish for comes true.and a big five to your boyfriend with the hsn bundle.

  7. thanks ladies :] Im looking forward to seeing all of your creations in 2011!

  8. Hi!!! I don´t know anything about english, I'm from Colombia... but I have to ask: Are you happy whit this Cricut??? I'm so "uncertain" (I don't know how write this word or any word)about this Imagine or Expression. Can You tell me your experience?? Please!!. Thanks a lot!!!

  9. Hi isabel! I would definetly recommend the cricut expression to anyone who is interested in crafts! It can do so many things and is very easy to learn! As far as the Imagine I would try out the expression first and if you are happy with them check out some videos and projects of the imagine and see if it would be something you are interested in! Happy crafting!