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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hello Thursday!

Did everyone get their email with all the new lite cartridges?! Or at least see some blogs with the images? If not go to Robyns page. She always makes cute cute cuteee projects with all the new cartridges! And on black friday Walmart will have all lite cartridges on sale for...ready for it.....
Awesome! I am kind of scared to go black friday shopping at walmart but I dont think I can pass this deal up :]
Anyway, Ive been working on finishing my Thanksgiving cards today so I can finally send em out. It seems like we always have more and more people to send cards so I made the same card about 30 times! Here they are ready to go to the post office!

I guess it doesnt look like that much but it is! lol!
Besides that I am working on TWO projects :] not ONE but TWO.. yup, Im an overacheiever :] Here is a sneak peak of one project..

its super cute! and easy peasy...

My second project is a topsy turvy cake Im working on so if you would like to see it I will post pictures!
Hope everyone is enjoying their Thursday!

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  1. Hey Ashley, I can't wait to see that cake!! I haven't made a cake since August. I hope you put it up soon. I will show you my first attempt at a topsy turvy cake, but not till after I see yours so I can see if yours is way better than mine, then I can say I lost the picture! lol Karen kadrisc@aol.com