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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Awards galore :]

Hi everyone!!! Ive gotten THREE..count em THREE stylish blog awards!
I'm so honored to receive these from some seriously talented ladies!!

Please visit these girls who nominated me!
Savahanna @ Tiny Creativity

They all have super cute blogs and inspire me everyday!!

To accept this award I must..
1. Thank the person or people who nominated you and link back to them
2. Share 8 things about yourself
3. Nominate 8 more bloggers
4. Contact all bloggers and leave them a comment

So here is 8 things!
1. My favorite flowers are lilies
2. My favorite team is the saints
3. Im currently trying to lose weight with weight watchers
4. I love the sims! but cant play much because it takes up sooo much of my time! lol
4. I have hazel eyes
5. I have really small thumbs lol
6. I love zebra!
7. I want to learn how to speak french
8. my favorite smell is gasoline lol
9. I eat ketchup with my eggs

And here are 8 fantastic bloggers!

Thanks for stoppin by!

1 comment:

  1. Thank you so much for thinking of me Ashley!! I really appreciate it and are humbled:)